Hydrovac Services

Fairway Electrical Hydrovac Services Truck

Hydrovac Applications

As an all-in underground utility provider, Fairway Electrical is committed to providing practical solutions to your everyday needs. Our hydrovac trucks have many essential applications, including:
    Daylighting/Potholing: Daylighting and potholing refer to the same thing - exposing underground utilities such as pipes, electrical lines, and cables. Hydro excavation makes this process more efficient while also preventing damage to these vitally important systems.
    Trenching: To prepare for the installation of new underground utilities or to uncover existing ones, a hydrovac truck can be used to quickly excavate narrow trenches.
    Pole Installation/Replacement: Replacing or installing new utility poles using traditional methods is a time-consuming process. Using precision hydro excavation to dig pole holes significantly increases productivity while preventing damage to nearby gas and water lines.
    Debris Removal: A hydrovac truck ensures the highly accurate and fast removal of construction site debris.

Damage-Free Soil Removal

Mechanical methods of excavation use heavy-duty equipment to break up the ground, which can damage the surrounding environment and underground utilities. Not only can this type of damage be costly, but it can also be dangerous. Accidentally striking an electrical or gas line can lead to serious injuries and even death.
With hydrovac services from Fairway Electrical, you’re guaranteed damage-free soil removal that’s safer for workers, the environment, cables, and plumbing lines. That’s because instead of tearing up the ground with a bucket or shovel, hydro excavation uses highly pressurized water to cut through soil and debris, which is then removed with an industrial vacuum.
The result is extremely precise soil removal that avoids expensive and inconvenient damages. When you can’t afford anything less than the best, you can trust our hydrovac services to deliver results that are consistently accurate and non-destructive.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Excavation

At Fairway Electrical, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Our hydrovac services get the job done more efficiently than other hydro excavation companies while still maintaining the highest level of quality.
Hydro excavation reduces many of the unnecessary costs associated with mechanical methods, including transport, backfill, and labor costs. By lowering overall project costs, we can help you significantly increase your profit margins.
The bottom line is that hydrovac lets you get more done in a shorter amount of time, saving you money and letting you move forward with your project as soon as possible. You never have to worry about sacrificing quality for speed – our hydrovac services are truly the best of both worlds!

Reliable Service in All Conditions

There is no such thing as a bad time to use hydrovac – rain, shine, sleet, or snow, you can count on it in all conditions. It can even be used to safely break through ice, helping you to avoid winter delays. Combined with the fact that it can be used in almost any type of soil, you have one incredibly reliable piece of equipment.
Hydro excavation can also be used in tight spaces, such as a narrow urban street or a residential backyard. This versatility allows you to go where traditional excavation equipment can’t, giving you more freedom to work with.

Safety Is Our Priority

In everything that we do, from our hydrovac services to our utility installations, safety is always our top priority. We are committed to protecting workers, utilities, and the environment.
The precise nature of hydro excavation ensures that the underground utilities and surrounding land are not disturbed. And because hydrovac trucks are able to function a safe distance away from the job site, hazardous congestion is reduced. These important safety features are just part of what has made this technology so popular in the construction industry.

Call Fairway Electrical for All of Your Hydrovac Needs

As experts in hydro excavation, the experts at Fairway Electrical are ready to meet whatever challenges your job site presents. We’ve been proud to offer our quality electrical and utility services since 1991, giving us experience and a familiarity with the industry that many other hydro excavation companies lack. When you need professional hydrovac services in the Hamilton region, call Fairway Electrical at (905)-304-1133 today!